Pretty Pursuits

Pretty Pursuits-2

It’s Friday eve, we’ve nearly made it guys! The sweet smell of the weekend is in the air and to tide us over I have some photos from my recent trip to the Sydney Flower Markets.

I have the honour of being a bridesmaid for my wonderful friend Mel whose wedding is in August next year. Our first bridesmaid event was a fun weekend of wedding dress shopping (we found THE ONE) and a very pretty trip to the flower market for inspiration.We’re planning on buying the fresh flowers for the wedding and making our posies ourselves.

One wintery Saturday morning, a car load of chatty girls set off to explore the winter floral options on show at the colourful and chaotic markets… We were not disappointed.



Happy weekend xx



6 thoughts on “Pretty Pursuits

    • olivekisses says:

      Hi Grace, I couldn’t agree more! The protea’s, Australian natives and birds of paradise are by far my favourite flowers. I’ve never been one for roses and girly flowers but my gosh they’re fun to photograph 🙂
      Love Alicia xx


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