Bathroom Renovation – It’s All Coming Together

We have been sans shower for almost a month!

It feels like luxe camping where we have to jump in the car and drive to our (very kind) friends house to shower every evening then head back to our super dusty home. Boy, I can’t wait until the room is finished because renovating is sooo dusty!!! But really I am enjoying watching our plans turn into reality day by day.

I thought I would share some during photos with you of our bathroom renovation. I have loved coming home from work every day and peering into our bathroom as it changes from scary 80’s, mouldy nightmare into a gorgeous monochrome beauty like I had dreamed of in my Bathroom Moodboard Post.


The shower area with the handheld shower head. We have two large shower heads coming from the ceiling that are to be installed after we paint.


The Ikea Godmorgon vanity with a ceramic double sink.

Our to-do list is getting smaller and smaller with only a few tasks left to go before the room is complete. We have a two week wait for our shower screen and laundry doors to be made, some painting to do and the construction of our mini laundry.

To keep with the white and grey colouring of the bathroom our laundry cupboard will have a faux cararra marble laminate benchtop over the front loader washing machine and white shelves to the ceiling for storage. We have enough subway tiles left over to tile a splashback in here too which will really make the area feel more polished.


The laundry cupboard before tiling.

To maximise space we’re installing a fold out ironing board on the back of one of the laundry doors and some hanging hooks for brooms and mops on the back of the other. Ironically moving the washing machine and laundry tub into our existing linen cupboard we will have more storage after than before. Our cupboard before had very few, widely spaced shelves that were pretty impractical.

Here is our inspiration behind our laundry cupboard.

Laundry Moodboard

I can’t wait to put together a Bathroom After post (and have a shower in my own home) so please stayed tuned!

Alicia xx





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