Turning 27


Little blonde me and my childhood bestie, Bindi. The only reason she let me sit on her was because she was tied up and looking none too pleased about it!

Someone over 30 will sigh and roll their eyes when I exclaim I’m getting old.

If you ask someone under 25 they will agree with me. 27 IS OLD! It’s nearly 30 which is nearly 50 which is nearly 80. I am basically turning 80 tomorrow!!

Tomorrow I will be more late twenties than mid twenties and NOWHERE NEAR early twenties. My grey’s will continue to expand their hairy real estate and my early morning, pillow face wrinkles will loose the word ‘pillow’ and just become regular old wrinkles.

But if I am being totally honest with myself I think I am ok about getting older. I haven’t achieved all I had planned to at the age of 18 but looking back at 18 year old me she was scared. I am not.

Yes I could be fitter and read that pile of books beside my bed. I could be more spontaneous and save more money but I can only do what I can do (which today turns out to be watching the Kardashian’s and eating Caramello Koala’s whilst sprawled out on the lounge).

Who knows what the future holds. All I know is I am surrounded by awesome people who will help me when I need it and forever make me happy regardless how grey haired and wrinkly I get (which hopefully isn’t too much…that is why we spend so much money on skincare right?!)

So wherever you are I hope you have a wonderful week and if you see yourself in the mirror give yourself a high five because you’re doing great.*

Alicia xx

*Just check first in case someone is watching – Last week I was sprung Snap Chatting with the puppy filter in the car… It was a bit embarrassing!




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