Bathroom Renovation – Moodboard

Bathroom Moodboard.png

The bathroom renovation is in full swing around here with builders, tilers and tonnes of dust traipsing though the house everyday for the last two weeks.

There was no doing things in halves when it came to the bathroom. We have gutted EVERYTHING including the walls and ceiling as they were asbestos. All fittings and cabinetry have been taken out and we currently have a completely clean slate with which to fill with some very gorgeous pieces.

As the bathroom is very thin (I can touch both sides with my arms outstretched) it was really important to maximise the feeling of space so white subway tiles with white grout will cover all walls allowing the walls to recede and the room seem larger.

For flooring some very fabulous, large format, charcoal grey, hexagon tiles will cover the floor. I was so thrilled to be able to afford the floor tiles as they were WAY over our budget until a helpful 50% off sale came along!

I decided on a very modern style for the bathroom with a slight Scandinavian feel implied though the details such as a Design Letters Cup as the toothbrush holder and some cute Ferm Living bathroom accessories.

Our home is very midcentury vintage with a white, grey, black colour scheme and accent colours of duck egg blue, pink and small splashes of yellow. The bathroom will definitely be following along with these colours but with a more modern edge.


Our bathroom does double duty as a laundry, pre reno this was done very poorly (see this Bathroom Renovation – Before post) but we want to be more savvy with the space and are turning our large linen cupboard into a laundry cupboard complete with washing machine, bench space, laundry sink and storage space.

Having a functional mini laundry is something I am really looking forward to. I guess there is no hiding the fact I’m getting old!! haha

We are still a few weeks off the finished product and I have a list of products to source (front loader washing machine, non-ugly laundry hamper) but just knowing our beautiful bathroom is slowly becoming a reality is very exciting indeed!

Alicia xx


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