Bathroom Renovation – Before

I feel this post requires a warning.

The images contained within this post will make your eyes hurt.

Now you can’t say you haven’t been warned!

Three years have almost passed since we signed the papers and bought our first home. While looking for a first home we had a wish list including must haves and dream items that our ideal home would include.

  • Hard wood floors
  • Renovated kitchen
  • Renovated bathroom
  • Outdoor entertaining area
  • Period features
  • Big backyard (for our area at least)
  • Space for a mancave
  • Fireplace

Our home ticked off a few of the items and had potential to fulfil a few more with a little saving and renovating. One of the most pressing (and expensive) projects on the wish list was the bathroom.

Every night I have showered at home in this mouldy, apricot bathroom/laundry nightmare in the last three years have involved me dreaming of our new bathroom.

Once you see the before photos I am sure you will understand…


See I told you so!

Last week our bathroom renovations commenced and I could not be more excited. After living with the space for a few years and spending countless hours adding to my Pinterest Bathroom Board I am really proud of what we are creating. Every detail has been thought out with consideration given to functionality and design. I won’t lie, I let out little high pitched eeeeeee squeals when I think how good the room will look in a matter of weeks.

There is a bathroom mood board post coming soon discussing our plans for the room and I promise to share lots of beautiful photos of what hopefully will be bathroom nirvana once the room is complete.

But for now here is another truly frightening before photo to enjoy.


Thanks for popping in and I’ll see you soon!

Alicia xx


5 thoughts on “Bathroom Renovation – Before

  1. choosejoy says:

    This reminds me of the bathroom in the house we are buying… it will be the first room we tackle to renovate! Haha


    • olivekisses says:

      Haha that certainly would have been different! My parents old bathroom was all 1950’s pink. Now I love pink probably more than the next person but mix it with mould and it loses its appeal!
      Do you just stand in it and gaze lovingly at the new bathroom? I fear I will

      Liked by 1 person

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