Fluffy Stool DIY


Living in a small home calls for multipurpose furniture. There isn’t room for multiple armchairs and side tables so I love having a few little stools around to use as additional seating when friends come over or somewhere to stack a pretty pile of books.

I am addicted to mid century furniture to the point that I can spot their sophisticated, tapered legs anywhere. Case in point this stool, this little baby caught my eye whilst driving past a charity shop a few months ago. After a dramatic u-turn and $5 she was mine!

Although this stool has great legs the green vinyl just had to go. I had been looking around online and in-store for cute furry stools but it seemed crazy to pay hundreds of dollars (I’m looking at you goat skin stool!) or more when a DIY option was much more affordable and super easy.


  • A stool – charity shops are a great place to score vintage pieces at affordable prices however budget homewares stores like Ikea or Kmart will also have something usable
  • Staple gun – I bought mine for $15 from Bunnings a few years ago
  • Furry fabric – A faux sheepskin rug is perfect. Try this one or this one




First cut your fabric to size making sure there is enough fabric to fasten underneath the stool.



Using your staple gun, fasten the fabric to the underside of the stool, pulling the fabric tightly as you go.


All together this gorgeous stool cost $25 which given how cute it turned out is money well spent.


Please leave a comment below if you liked this DIY and let me know if you give it a go.




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