Welcome to Olive Kisses


Hello and a Happy Sunday to you!

Thank you for finding my little nook of the internet where I will be journaling what I cook, create and love in my home and life.

After years of adoring blogs and dreaming of creating my own here we are with Olive Kisses…

Before we go any further perhaps I should clarify that I DON’T actually kiss olives, rather my adorable Bedlington Terrier fur-baby is named Olive. She is the most adorable dog who makes fans wherever she goes (seriously at our local dog parks people know her by name) and I love her to bits!

Please leave a comment below so we can get to know each other and follow along with me via Instagram (see the link in the sidebar!) and Bloglovin

I would love you to pop in soon, sit back and enjoy with a cup of tea!



6 thoughts on “Welcome to Olive Kisses

  1. sophienatters says:

    Following your blog! Looks fab. Love the chairs in the dining room photo. Also have a super cute terrier – they are the best dogs! X


    • olivekisses says:

      Haha yes they are so friendly and playful! The chairs were actually found on the side of the road and my parents had them recovered for me. Thank you for following xx


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